“Words hang awkwardly in the air in “The Healing,” a moving, beautifully acted new drama, by Samuel D. Hunter, about friends gathering to mourn a woman who took her own life … directed sensitively by Stella Powell-Jones”
— Charles Isherwood, The New York Times (CRITICS’ PICK)

★ ★ ★ ★
“A sensitive portrait of wounded people moving, with difficulty but also with some help, toward acceptance”
— Adam Feldman, Time Out New York (CRITICS’ PICK)

“Samuel D. Hunter’s The Healing is a TBTB commission and they, along with director Stella Powell-Jones, make an excellent team, resulting in a moving play that showcases a talented ensemble of actors.”
— Theatre Is Easy

“Powell-Jones’ impeccable guidance brought The Healing to great heights. With fluid direction, this piece moved yet felt lived in. Honesty was the key to Powell-Jones’ success. She granted her design team the gift of reality and a toolbox in which to work with.”
— Theater in the Now

“Under the acutely sensitive direction of Stella Powell-Jones, an air of mordant desperation hangs heavy over a group of friends reuniting to bury one of their own.”
— Gay City News

“Under the meticulous direction of Stella Powell-Jones, the cast convincingly creates one of those circles of friends who can easily take up with each other, no matter how long they have been apart.”
— Lighting and Sound America

“Director, Stella Powell-Jones keenly stages the scene”
— Exeunt Magazine

“The ensemble of The Healing exudes strength and vulnerability simultaneously and gives nuanced performances that are startlingly honest. Stella Powell-Jones’ direction allows the actors the opportunity to provide these quiet and still moments that seamlessly flow from past to present”
— New York Theatre Review

“The cast, directed by Stella Powell-Jones, is an ensemble of admirable balance and synchronicity.”
— Curtain Up

“Director Stella Powell-Jones has obtained beautiful performances from her cast”
— Theater Scene

“The cast of talented actors directed by Stella Powell-Jones has an incredible chemistry.”
— OnStage Blog

“Watching her possessions carted away around her, as her faith was carted away before her passing — is flawlessly handled by Stella Powell-Jones’ brilliant direction.”
— Applause! Applause!


“The acting in Stella Powell-Jones’s production is earthy and entertaining – it’s a funny show, yet it always feels honest enough that you can’t be sure how tragically things might turn out.”
— Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

“This production of THE MYSTERY OF LOVE AND SEX is at best exhilarating, relatable, deeply human theatre.”
— Broadway

“Stella Powell-Jones skillfully directs this quick-witted and rapidly moving comedy, where the surprises and revelations come hard and fast.”

“Funny and lively, wonderfully acted and well-paced by Director Stella Powell-Jones, this comedy will make you wish that all the world’s mysteries, sexual or love-based, were more like those brewing in a well-off liberal Jewish family living in the Deep South next to a Christian linguistically-gifted African American young man, who might as well be the son that the family never had.”
— DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Signature Theatre’s production, directed by Stella Powell-Jones, is a truly heartwarming and thought-provoking theatre experience … the words are masterfully crafted and the theatre artists handle them with finesse, on building relationships that transcend the bounds of our ‘census identity’… perfect blend of comedy and drama, and a truly memorable theatrical experience.”
— MD Theatre Guide

“Director Stella Powell-Jones, a veteran of numerous, stellar Off-Broadway productions, knows precisely where and how to take us on this bumpy ride”
— The Alexandria Times

“Doran’s play is clever and often insightful… Director Stella Powell-Jones keeps the action moving as the characters drink, act out, fight and try and try to make sense of each other and themselves.”
— Susan Berlin, Talkin’ Broadway

“Doran has a knack for imperfect, human characters that radiate and resonate, and director Stella Powell-Jones has found the precise cast to bring them to life.”
— DC-ist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
There is little if anything to be found by way of fault in director Stella Powell-Jones’ approach to Bathsheba Doran’s new work. The DC area premiere is well received in Powell-Jones’ seasoned hands as the emotional transitions of the play flow as smoothly as the technical and scenic ones.
— Theatre Bloom


Nominated for six Ovation Awards including Best Production of a Play & Best Direction.
Nominated for eight Stage Raw awards including Best Comedy Direction & Production of the Year.
Nominated for LA Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Lead Actor and Best New Play.
Ovation Recommended Show

“Directed with invisible ambidexterity by Stella Powell-Jones, this fable, inspired by actual occurrences, is structurally ingenious, animal and human perspectives interweaving in ways that swerve from hilarious to heartbreaking to house-stilling…a sensational West Coast Premiere.”
— The Los Angeles Times (CRITICS’ CHOICE)

“That it also proves such a deliciously laugh-packed ride can finally be attributed to the split-second precision of an inspired ensemble (which includes Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Malcolm Barrett, Brenda Strong, Jim Ortlieb and Bob Clendenin) and director Stella Powell-Jones’ flawless production.”
— LA Weekly

“Nick Jones’s writing is sharp and focused, and Stella Powell-Jones has directed shrewdly, using the space well and drawing fine performances from her actors.”
— The Los Angeles Post

“The play’s West Coast premiere by the Circle X Theatre Co. under the direction of Stella Powell-Jones reinforces the critical excellence of its producing company.”
— Examiner

“Jones has created an absolutely hilarious contemporary comedy, made more flawless by its dynamic cast and the snappy, visually nonstop direction of Stella Powell-Jones.”
— Arts in LA

“Nick Jones’s comedy seems at first to be either simply sitcom-esque, or else an absurdist take on a dysfunctional family dynamic. But don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. What unfolds is a brilliant look at love, communication, identity, and humanity.”
— Stage Raw (Top Ten)

“Nick Jones’ west coast premier of his play is better than Broadway…Director Stella Powell-Jones sweeps the stage with great physicality not only in Simpson’s character, but the entire cast. ”
— On Stage Los Angeles

“Director Stella Powell-Jones clearly knows what she’s doing. And not just with the humor. There is a great deal at stake in this play, and it moves at breakneck speed with such clarity that there are actually moments where the danger feels very real. And everything seems to move from moment to moment, whether dangerous or hilarious, without the hindrance of feeling “staged”. It takes a really gifted director to make a play like this feel natural.”
— That Awesome Theatre Blog

“Brilliantly written piece and the superb direction by Stella Powell-Jones”
— Will Call

“The acting, staging and direction (by Stella Powell-Jones) are all top notch.”
— People’s World